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Lacoste changes outfits with Viner Zach King

The French clothing brand is promoting an online store with 5 vines featuring King's sleight of hand illusions.
October 23, 2014

French clothing company Lacoste, famous for its crocodile logo, is promoting the launch of its online boutique with a series of videos from Vine and Instagram star Zach King.

The campaign was put together by Paris-based marketing and technology agency BETC Digital. Details of the deal were not released.

Lacoste is releasing 5 vines, each featuring one of King’s signature digital sleight of hand illusions. They are being released over a period of 2 weeks on Lacoste’s Vine and Instagram, as well as on other social platforms. The first was posted on Oct. 20.

In a recent article in DigidayInstaBrand CEO Eric Dahan said fashion and retail brands such as American Apparel, Levi Strauss & Co., Ferragamo and Unilever pay anywhere from $50 to $40,000 for sponsored brand posts, while top-tier Instagrammers typically get about $10,000.

“Lacoste is a playful brand, always seeking opportunities to address current & future consumers in a light-hearted, optimistic tone,” said Laetitia Laplace, international advertising and digital director at Lacoste, in an email. “No matter the asset to be promoted… Zach’s renowned talent as Vine star was assessed as a great opportunity to have fun, celebrate creativity and potentially engage with a broader audience. So we are definitely there for further reach against our current audience, while leveraging the playful side of the brand.”

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