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Barcroft launches auto channel, original series

Barcroft Cars will feature original short-form and licensed long-form content, including new series Rust to Riches.
October 20, 2014

U.K.-based content provider Barcroft Media has launched a digital channel dedicated to the world of automobiles, including a new original series called Rust to Riches.

Barcroft Cars — the company’s first dedicated online video channel launch since Barcroft TV — will feature original short-form and licensed long-form content.

Its new original series, Rust to Riches, will consist of 6 episodes, 6 minutes each, about a London-based father and son team who renovate million-dollar supercars for the city’s high flyers.

The company’s in-house production team will produce the show, according to Barcroft Media’s creative director Alex Morris.

He said there’s huge demand from its global audience for exclusive car content, so the company will be creating original shorts and series. Programming on the channel will also include long-form titles licensed from third-party broadcast, distribution and production partners.

This includes a mixture of “originally produced car stories, focusing on passion projects and unique vehicles, coupled with the best-sourced user-generated content and series,” said Morris via email. “We will produce original content every week.”

Barcroft Cars is open to sponsorships; so far, no sponsors are on board but the company is currently in conversations. “We can accommodate all opportunities from channel take-overs and sponsored series, to creating bespoke branded content,” said Morris.

Barcroft TV will also feature selected content from Barcroft Cars, cross-promoting the channel to its 672,000 subscribers and the digital platforms that carry Barcroft TV, including the Rightster network, AOL On, MSN, Yahoo Screen, YouKu in China and Yahoo’s GyaO! in Japan.

The launch of Barcroft Cars is the first in a series of forthcoming digital channel launches from Barcroft Media.

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