Canadian regulator backs down in tussle with Netflix, Google

Because the VOD platforms refused to provide key business data, the CRTC will write them out of its Let's Talk TV proceedings.
September 30, 2014

Faced with a challenge from Netflix and Google to its judicial enforcement powers, Canadian regulator the CRTC has decided to write the U.S. video portals out of its Let’s Talk TV proceedings.

“… Netflix’s intervention and supporting documentation will be removed from the public record of this proceeding on October 2, 2014,” the regulator’s John Traversy, secretary general, wrote to Netflix director of global policy Corie Wright (pictured) in a Sept. 29, 2014 letter released on the CRTC website.

The CRTC will erase from its hearings Netflix’s intervention filed on June 27, 2014, a Lemay-Yates Associates report titled The Evolution of TV and New Media in Canada and Wright’s appearance before the regulator’s hearings on Sept. 22, 2014.

The participation of Google, which operates the YouTube portal in Canada, will also be struck from the CRTC’s record for its Let’s Talk TV hearings, according to a Sept. 29, 2014 letter sent to Google’s government affairs head Jason Kee, and also made public on the regulator’s website.

During Wright’s Sept. 22 appearance, and in the days following, the Netflix lawyer largely refused to accede to CRTC chair Jean-Pierre Blais’ repeated orders for Netflix  to confidentially provide key business data on its Canadian and foreign operations.

Traversy told Wright that requests for key business data sought to help the CRTC “better understand Netflix’s innovative approach in providing Canadian-made content to Canadian and non-Canadian audiences alike, through non-traditional, consumer-driven platforms.”

He added the CRTC could not weigh Netflix’s presence in Canada, and how it operated here, based only on “mere anecdotal information.”

“As a result, the hearing panel will reach its conclusions based on the remaining evidence on the record,” Traversy added in his letter.

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  • Bundy said:

    I wonder at what point the CRTC stops even pretending that they’re looking out for Canadians. Everything they do is focused on keeping the old guard in power and eliminating all competition.

  • Frank Massa said:

    They are doomed dude, and I predicted this 3years ago.. their tax credit of allowing Crappy CND TV is over !!

    Like littke mosque on the prairie… really ! Ppl outside are laughing at us… but of course we have Trailer Park Boys. at least the title is honest 🙂

  • Frank Massa said:

    CRTC…. go home and plz stop canadian tax credit crap being made !

    Little mosque, corner gas…. are you kidding me !!!

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