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Vice launches long-form series on Munchies

The Politics of Food debuted Wednesday with an episode that examines the underground smokies trade in the U.K.
September 26, 2014

Vice’s online food channel Munchies debuted The Politics of Food on Wednesday, a long-form series that looks at controversial culinary issues.

The first episode is about the smokies trade  — an underground market for blow-torched (and unsterilized) meat the British government says is in danger of spreading bacteria. While it’s illegal in the U.K., the butchering method produces a flavor and type of meat that’s considered a delicacy among West African communities.

An initial 6 episodes have been ordered with a running time of 20-30 minutes. They will roll out monthly.

VICE and FremantleMedia are working together to attract brand partnerships and international distribution channels for the series, produced by Lauren Cynamon and Chris Grosso.

In upcoming episodes, host Ben Ferguson will look at fast food unions, foie gras production, and the global and controversial ban on seal meat.

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