Shine Group-owned MCN ChannelFlip is branching out

Simon's Cat brand manager Mike Cook is hired to lead one of the 2 new divisions, Flipside and FlipHub, launched on Thursday.
September 19, 2014

Shine Group-owned MCN ChannelFlip is branching out with 2 new divisions announced Thursday. The London-based company is also emphasizing it will offer services to YouTubers who are not part of its partner network.

One of the new units is called FlipSide, which will operate like a talent agency, bringing off-YouTube business opportunities to creators. The division will be headed by Mike Cook (pictured right), the brand manager who helped turn the Simon’s Cat sketches into a multi-platform company, as well as Fleur Brooklin Smith (pictured left), a talent producer who has a traditional TV background working at STV Productions and Princess Productions.

Flipside will utilize Cook and Smith’s licensing and representation expertise, respectively. The managers will source ancillary deals with traditional and online media as well as sponsorship and merchandising partnerships. For instance, one of the 4 YouTubers already signed to Flipside, Stuart Ashten, will have his movie released on DVD. Other vloggers joining the new division are Dan Howell, Emma Pickles, and Phil Lester. They are all ChannelFlip network partners.

“In the future, we expect to sign both network partners and non-network partners to FlipSide,” Claire Tavernier, interim managing director of  ChannelFlip, tells Streamdaily via email.

Another new division unveiled by the London-based MCN is called FlipHub — a branded content agency. It’s designed to offer online talent outside of the ChannelFlip partner network the opportunity to work with brands.

“With these new divisions we are continuing to develop ways to create value for online talent. We refuse to be an MCN with a ‘one size fits all’ approach; we want to give talented individuals a suite of products to find and develop commercial solutions, foster creativity and build strong and engaging brands,” Tavernier said in a statement.

Founded in 2007, ChannelFlip currently manages more than 200 YouTube channels and has more than 30 million subscribers. It manages the profiles of YouTubers like Carrie Fletcher, Emma Blackery and KickthePJ, as well as rights holders such as Rastamouse and eOne Family. The digital company has done branded entertainment campaigns for Dr Pepper, Hasbro and Kellogg’s. It’s been part of Shine Group since January 2012.

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