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Pluto.TV goes for pop culture appeal with new channels

The curated video site adds content from Complex Media, Fullscreen's ScrewAttack, Hitfix, Popsugar and SpinMedia.
August 28, 2014

Pluto.TV announced on Wednesday that it has expanded its roster of curated music, fitness, gaming, entertainment and news programming with new channels from Complex Media, Fullscreen’s ScrewAttack (pictured) Hitfix, Popsugar and SpinMedia.

It adds to the company’s preexisting roster of more than 100 channels of curated video content from companies like QVC, Funny or Die and The Young Turks, as well as TV recaps such as Talking: Under the Dome and The Best of Late Night Last Night.

“We curate using a combination of sophisticated technology, data and a team of (human) experts. Most partners prefer to have Pluto.TV curate,” says Tom Ryan, CEO and co-founder of Pluto.TV, in an email. “However, if a partner wishes to do the curation themselves we’re happy for them to do so.”

Presented like a cable or satellite providers on-screen programming guide, Pluto.TV is an ad-supported platform that offers content creators the opportunity to deliver a branded channel to audiences on web, mobile (both iOS & Android) and connected TVs (Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast). Content creators can also embed their channel on their own websites. Ad revenues are shared between the content partner and Pluto.TV.

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