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Fool me twice … go ahead, it’s for a good cause show Prank It FWD, which raises money for while encouraging acts of kindness, returns in November.
August 19, 2014

Humor video site announced on Monday that its “positive prank” show Prank It FWD, hosted by Greg Benson, will return in November with a new set of pranks.

The initial Prank It Fwd campaign reached its fundraising goal for charitable partner less than 2 weeks after its April Fool’s Day launch. Pranks ranged from a cop pulling motorists over and giving them $100 for stopping for a good driving to turning a homeless shelter into a 5-star restaurant. Viewers were encouraged to move the campaign forward in their own communities by doing something positive for someone deserving.

“The outpouring of support and positivity we saw from our first iteration of Prank it FWD was inspiring, and it was clear that we needed to move the effort forward and go bigger,” said Barry Blumberg, EVP of’s parent company Defy Media, in a statement.

For its second season, will donate one dollar for every 1,000 views, and an additional dollar for every social mention and share of #PrankitFWD.

The first season’s most popular video “Best Shift Ever,” which has garnered more 8 million views, focused on Chelsea Roff, a California waitress who received an escalating series of tips, including $1,000 cash, a voucher for a trip for 2 to Hawaii and a new car. The video inspired the Canadian company T-Line Transportation to “prank it forward” by throwing a dream wedding for Ryan Langley, a 30-year-old man terminally ill with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, and his bride Alisa last month (pictured), which was documented by Photos of the ceremony can be viewed on the Ryan’s Recovery Facebook page.

Viewers can submit their stories to be considered for the second season at

Image screengrab from “Couple in Need Receives Dream Wedding With Prank It Forward”

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