Red Bull top branded channel in new video index analysis

A new study by NY-based Torchstorm reveals that Red Bull is the top brand, while Scout The Doggie and Brodie Smith are the top stars, when it comes to YouTube's Outdoor Activities and Adventure Sports channels.
August 1, 2014

Touchstorm, a New York technology-based service company that builds video audiences for brands, has come up with a proprietary video index to build a comprehensive YouTube report on outdoor activities and adventure sports.

Using a suite of software technologies to build brand audiences at scale and grow YouTube channels organically, Touchstorm has compiled information on 3,166 YouTube channels and 38 topics using a big data engine and software interface called Voot, which profiles topics, producer type, country, languages, off-lining trading area, corporate owner and talent profile.

A measuring instrument called a TVi score reveals how strongly a YouTube channel is producing engaging content and generating a following. It identifies channel health based on a blend of metrics, including views, subscribers, conversion, positive passion, view density, content activity and more. The key metrics are combined to total a top score of 1,000.

“The breadth of this report is mind-blowing, as it exposes an entirely new view of YouTube, with category competition, rising stars and metrics that matter if you want to build a successful channel,” said Alison Provost, Touchstorm CEO, in a statement.

Some of the findings revealed in the report include:

– Red Bull is the top dog in views with 826.5 million, followed by Discovery Networks (669 million) and GoPro Camera (486.7 million).

– So far, 86 YouTube stars have emerged, with Scotland’s airsoft expert Scout The Doggie and US frisbee champ Brodie Smith leading in views (Scout, 142 million) and subscribers (Smith, 637,115) respectively.

– More than 29 million subscribers tune into outdoor activities and adventure sports, resulting in an accumulation of 8 billion views.

– Skateboarding and parkour channels account for 8 of the Top 10 channels, with airsoft, bushcraft, geocaching, tricking and slacking ranking as the next popular sports.

– 44% of the channels are based in the U.S., but they account for 75% of all views.

– Globally, although 107 countries participated, 89% of the content is available in English.

You can download the Touchstorm report for free here.

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