Carnie life featured in All American Sideshow's latest programming takes a freaky turn with this short-form series about traveling circus World of Wonders.
July 21, 2014

Online video fans tired of the endless process of beauty vloggers and Bieber-haired tween clickbait are being offered the chance get their freak on with the’All American Sideshow.

The 10-episode short form digital series offers a behind-the-scenes look at World of Wonders, a tent-traveling sideshow featuring knife-throwers, sword-swallowers and human pincushions.

“These are colorful characters with a unique travel lens, many of whom joined the sideshow specifically so they can travel,” says Ross Babbit, SVP of programming & development for the Travel Channel. “Unlike shows with a host in a travel situation, these are pure travelers who will be doing this regardless of if there’s a camera on them or not. has taken on the mission of being the place for talent and concept incubation. We will always be a home to travel information, but over the last few years have expanded our mission to be the first place for new voices and compelling imagery.”

The Travel Channel has ventured into the weird with recent cable offerings such as Mysteries at the Museum and Paranormal Paparazzi, but All American Sideshow signals a willingness to take things few steps further in the digital space.

“It’s not a clean, glamorous portrayal of travelers,” says Babbit. “It’s gritty, textured and real. (The series) is perfect for the digital space in that it uses the filmmaking medium to enhance a collection of short stories.” But, he stresses, “it’s extreme in its cinematic presentation, but mild in its content.”

The show is executive produced by Travel’s director of digital programming Jim Morley, who executive produces all of the original content created for Angela Meredith and Juli Fields are the supervising producers.

All American Sideshow show is part of a massive digital series rollout by Travel Channel’s parent company Scripps Networks Interactive, which announced at its Digital NewFronts presentation in April that it planned to debut 150 new original online shows this year. Since then, has premiered Top10 Locals, Off-Road Trippin’,The Perfect Shot, Travel: Fact or Fiction and Travel Channel’s Gear Guide, along with Sideshow. Next month, it will debut Fall Foliage in the Finger Lakes.

Currently on tour, World of Wonders will pull into Southern California later this month for an engagement at the Ventura County Fair, from July 30 to Aug. 10.

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