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EpicMealTime to gorge on 1,300 lbs. of sponsorship bacon

Hormel Black Label Bacon is the official bacon provider of the meat-heavy online cooking show.
July 15, 2014

Popular online cooking show EpicMealTime now has an official bacon provider, Hormel Black Label Bacon, it was announced on Tuesday by the show’s producer Collective Digital Studio (CDS) and ad agency BBDO Minneapolis.

Hosted by Harley Morenstein, EpicMealTime is known for its over-the-top meat creations, many of which feature bacon. It is estimated that more than 1,300 pounds of Hormel Black Label Bacon will be used on the show over the course of the yearlong sponsorship.

“Harley Morenstein epitomizes our brand as someone who doesn’t just eat bacon, but lives and breathes bacon,” said Noel Haan, executive creative director of BBDO, in a statement.

Hormel Black Label Bacon will be integrated into episodes of EpicMealTime‘s “Handle It,” which demonstrates cooking recipes for foods like bacon cheeseburger ravioli, bacon chicken potpies and cherrywood bacon jam. EpicMealTime and Hormel Black Label will also be partnering to host events surrounding international bacon day in August.

EpicMealTime has garnered more than 6.2 million YouTube subscribers and 676 million views since its October 2010 debut. On July 26, it will launch the linear TV spinoff Epic Meal Empire on A&E’s new FYI Network.

Image screengrab from EpicMealTime – All Bacon Burger.

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