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Tyson doc producer behind TV4’s new boxing network

Damon Bingham, son of Muhammad Ali's personal photographer, is a co-founder at Undisputed Champion Network - a digital channel that launched Friday.
July 14, 2014

Undisputed Champion Network (UCN) launched on Friday as a news website and YouTube channel dedicated to boxing, featuring news, analysis and original programs.

It joins the TV4 Entertainment portfolio of genre-specific YouTube destinations that includes the documentary channel DocComTV and the all-military channel All Warrior Network.

Anchored by boxing journalist Steve Kim, UCN’s editorial team also includes Carlos Acevedo, Marty Mulcahey, Billy Tibbs, Michael Baca, Martin Wade and Coyote Duran. Boxing legends Al Bernstein and former middleweight champion Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini will also contribute to the network, which will include content from The Boxing Channel.

UCN will roll out original content this summer, including:

  • Gloves Off: a no-holds-barred point-counterpoint discussion show featuring Mancini and Kim.
  • Standing 8 Count: An outlet for fans to sound off their opinions on what’s going on in the boxing world.
  • The Gym Series: A docu-series exploring the world’s most notable boxing gyms.

A joint venture between TV4 Entertainment and UCN Productions, UCN plans to expand into a video network featuring original series, classic fights and boxing documentaries.

When the expansion is complete, UCN will reach over 75 million U.S. households, 150 million unique viewers and over 300 million devices through TV4’s distribution network, which includes Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon, YouTube, Roku and Net2TV, along with, which will feature video, text, photos, and audio focused on boxing.

UCN Productions was founded by boxing enthusiasts and producers Damon Bingham and Art Horan.

Bingham is the son of Muhammad Ali’s personal photographer, Howard Bingham. He began his career in the film industry, producing the Sony Classics Film documentary Tyson and the TV documentary One Night in Vegas, before moving into athlete management.

Art Horan is an attorney who executive produced the Oscar-winning film The Usual Suspects and Ring Girls, directed by Amy Berg for ESPN’s Title IX series. He later became the head of business development at All American Heavyweights and served as EVP of global marketing for USA Boxing under the United States Olympic Committee.

Screengrab: Steve Kim interviews Steven Espinoza:

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