Under the Influence of…cupcakes (no, they’re not dead yet)

The collapse of cupcake chain Crumbs doesn't mean the end of this autonomous dessert - influencer Elise Strachan of MyCupcakeAddiction shows viewers how to make their own gourmet treats.
July 10, 2014

We’re with Time on this one — the collapse of bakery chain Crumbs on Wednesday does not mean “the end of cupcakes.” There’s a reason this autonomous dessert has remained one of the trendiest treats in the gourmet baked goods category for nearly two decades — delicious and portable, what’s not to like?

But if the headlines calling for the Great Cupcake Crash of 2014 have got you down, find comfort in MyCupcakeAddiction, a YouTube channel that combines art and baking, and instructs viewers to make desserts like Pac Man OreosFrozen Cake Pops and a one-of-a-kind Minecraft cupcake.

Even though the channel’s creator, Elise Strachan, is based in Australia, half of her channel views come from the U.S. With new video programming every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, global brands like Activision have taken notice.

This Q&A, as told to Cassia Crawl, is the latest influencer profile in a regular series from StreamDaily and Influicity, a Toronto-based company that helps brands work with YouTube’s rising stars.

Name: Elise Strachan
YouTube channel: MyCupcakeAddiction
Category: Food & Drink
Total Reach: 702,880
Influicity Score: 61*

How do you come up with your tutorial ideas?

Everything inspires me, from TV shows to fabric patterns and new candy displayed in the supermarkets. I’m always keeping an open eye for what’s “trending” in the world of sweets. My fans and followers also occasionally send me requests, ideas and suggestions and that guides me to determine the content they would like to see and expect from my channel, this was the case with my “Ice Cream Cupcakes.”

Have you been sponsored by brands in the past?

Skylanders (a video game series published by Activision) sponsored us for 2 videos and it was a great experience. I created a light-up Skylanders Portal Cake and some matching cupcakes and we also provided an entire free printable party pack so Skylanders enthusiasts could make the cakes and print the banners, treat bags, party hats and other themed items at home. I was not only able to provide great exposure for their campaign, but also got to make two fantastic videos and an entire printable party pack for my viewers. It’s a win-win when you find a brand that suits your demographic and offers the viewers a little something extra.

How do you promote your content?

I’m probably a little behind with promoting my content! I usually post my videos to my FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Instagram accounts while also pinning them all to Pinterest. Apart from that, they really promote themselves through word of mouth. With 630,000 (YouTube) subscribers, my viewers will often share and favorite my videos if they like them which is always the best way of getting them to echo throughout the YouTube sphere.

Did you always have the audience you do now?

Over the course of nearly 3 years, the demographic has changed as our content has evolved and we now have 25% males watching MyCupcakeAddiction. Late last year I also launched a Japanese channel CupcakeChudoku and a Spanish Channel MiAdiccionaCupcakes, so now we have followers and subscribers from every corner of the globe, across 3 different languages.

What separates you from other baking channels?

There are hundreds of cooking shows on TV, YouTube and individual blogs specializing in desserts but they never seem to offer the full story when it comes to recreating the techniques and recipes in the comfort of your home. My videos are comprehensive and easy to follow. You can watch it and know exactly what you need in order to recreate the product. I steer away from ingredients and equipment that’s expensive or hard to find. I use common household items like Ziploc bags, toothpicks and egg cartons instead of high-end decorating tools.

Who do you follow?

My nieces have their own baking channel, CharlisCraftyKitchen, they are 5- and 8-years-old and have more than 52,000 subscribers and over 5 million videos views each month. I can’t believe how well they are doing!

*Used by clients when formulating pricing, the Influicity score takes into account YouTube subscribers, average views per video, comments, likes, and the quality of the subscriber accounts. This information is blended with data from and to produce a score between 1 and 100.

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