Streamys expand categories, streamline submission process

The 4th Streamy Awards, coming this fall, will have several new categories including 3 for Vine videos and 1 for traditional TV productions.
July 9, 2014

The Streamy Awards are reconfiguring and expanding its categories for the show’s fourth edition this fall. The changes, announced Wednesday, include 3 new categories for Vine videos and one for traditional TV productions that make effective use of the online space.

It’s a stark contrast to old-school industry awards like the Oscars and the Golden Globes, which seem to require an act of congress to add new categories.

3rd Annual Streamy Awards - Arrivals“One of the great things about the Streamy Awards is that it’s wrapped up in this rapidly evolving and changing space,” says Streamy executive producer Drew Baldwin (pictured left). “We consulted with a lot of people over the past year, including executives at MCNs, studios, YouTube, Vine, Facebook and AOL, as well as creators, and we found that the Streamys categories could use an update.”

The biggest expansion comes with new “subject area” categories for gaming, beauty, sports, pranks, science and education, and kids and family.

There are also new categories that reflect emerging YouTube trends – collaboration, public service, cover song, indie and first-person series – and 3 categories devoted to Vine (comedian, creativity and Viner of the year).

The television category was added to recognize traditional TV shows that are “doing it right” by engaging audiences with innovative use of original online video and best practices in social media.

“Many viewers are watching TV — talks shows and late night shows — in clip form online,” Baldwin says. “They’re not just re-purposing. These shows are producing content that is designed to engage audiences, and executing it in a way that’s respectful to the online community.”

The new additions brings the total number of categories to 47, up from 37 last year.

What’s more, the submission process has also been streamlined this year, with entrants paying a flat fee for all categories (show, performance, for example) within a particular entry.

Fans can nominate their favorite creators and/or programs for awards (except for those in technical categories) at Streamys.org. The entrant in each category with the most fan submissions will become one of the official nominees.

The remainder of the nominees and winners will be determined by a blue ribbon panel consisting of creators, executives and other experts in the online video industry.

Dick Clark Productions produced last year’s awards, hosted by Chris Hardwick, which streamed from the Hollywood Palladium on Feb. 17, 2013.

“Last year, we reached over 7 million live and on VOD, and it was a trending topic on Twitter worldwide throughout the entire show,” Baldwin says.

The 4th Streamy Awards will be held this fall, date and venue TBD.

Pictured: Larry King and Jenna Marbles at the Streamy Awards

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