Defy aims to go beyond “brand deals and YouTube optimization”

Defy Media has launched the Creators Program that is all about customizing biz development for vloggers, says Michael Chiang, SVP, strategy and operations.
June 26, 2014

Defy Media has launched a Creators Program where it will work one-on-one with a select group of talent in order to help them grow their video channels.

“We are expanding beyond the basic brand deals and YouTube optimization,'” says Michael Chiang, SVP, strategy and operations at Defy Media, when asked how this program differs from the distribution and monetization opportunities Defy already provides its partners.

“Whether that be co-producing a project, syndicating content to our apps or partner sites, or having an ongoing byline on one of Defy’s signature websites, the Creators Program is about custom solutions,” he adds.

For the launch, announced Wednesday, Defy said it’s partnering with YouTubers Kingsley, Greg Benson, Marié Digby and Game Theorists‘ Matthew Patrick (pictured), who will debut new projects in the coming months.

“For a partner like Kingsley, who had a vision of a show he wanted to create but not a team to support him, we are co-producing a show that will air on our ClevverTV channel and be promoted, distributed and packaged through our existing infrastructure,” says Chiang, about one of its first partnerships.

The Creators Program begins with a consultation and an audit of a vlogger’s YouTube monetization, audience development practices, and content ID practises, says Chiang, and then the team “delves into the specifics of what our partner is trying to accomplish,” Chiang adds.

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