Tricon Films to create live web programming

As part of a deal finalized with Stage TEN at Stream Market, Tricon Films & Television will create a digital media channel using the startup's virtual TV studio web app.
June 3, 2014

Stage TEN’s live interactive platform has lined up Tricon Films & Television to create its first dedicated channel.

As part of the agreement finalized at the Stream Market conference in California, Tricon Films will create a digital media channel using Stage TEN’s newly launched virtual TV studio web app.

Stage TEN, a Toronto-based digital startup and virtual studio, created a digital platform and suite of tools that allows indie producers and agencies to make professional-looking live content shows using webcam cameras and high-powered computers.

In competition series or game shows, the tools can give viewers the ability to vote or yank a performer off the stage, explained Dave Lazar, co-founder and CEO, Stage TEN.

“It also gives the ability to do seamless e-commerce in line with an interactive program. So you can imagine an auction show where the users are bidding on the antique cars that are being shown on the show,” Lazar (pictured right) told StreamDaily, as an example of how the content can be monetized.

Tricon, producer of the popular YTV show called The Next Star, plans to create original interactive content that enables talent and viewers to participate on their Smart TVs, PCs and mobile devices.

One of the new shows that could be part of this new partnership is called Worldwide Dance Floor, where users can dance together to the same music, live via webcam.

The online channel is expected to launch in early 2015. “YouTube talent is going to be a big part of it,” said Michael Rosas, creative director of Tricon Films & Television (pictured left).

Tricon Films is always thinking about “What’s next?” Rosas explained, and he believes that live, immersive experiences are an important part of the future of programming.

The partnership deal was unveiled by Andrea Gorfolova, president of Tricon Films & Television, and Dave Lazar, co-founder and CEO of Stage TEN.

With files from Melita Kuburas

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