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Barcroft Media to expand into long-form content

Through an extended partnership with London-based video distribution and monetization company Rightster, Barcroft will launch new channels and shake up some of its video formatting.
June 3, 2014

Here they grow again.

London-based global video distribution and monetization company Rightster has extended its strategic partnership with indie factual content provider Barcroft Media in a deal that will see Barcroft expanding into long-form content and launching new channels.

It’s no surprise considering that Barcroft TV has become the top-performing channel in the Rightster multi-channel network, leap-frogging its subscriber base from 45,000 to 480,000 in little over a year.

The initial partnership deal between the two was signed in April 2013.

The newly extended agreement, announced Tuesday, will allow Barcroft TV to continue to create multiple dedicated digital channels, the production and curation of short- and long-form video content, and prompt advertisers to target key demographics and locations, aided by Rightster’s analytics solutions.

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