Maker Studios pink-slipping some of its workforce this week

A source says the decision by Maker Studios to downsize its staff is not driven by the Walt Disney Co.
June 2, 2014

Sources have confirmed that Maker Studios, the multichannel network recently purchased by Walt Disney Co., will making staff cuts as early as this week.

While not confirming the number of layoffs Maker intends to initiate, or whether any of the exiting personnel will impact current shows in production, a rep for Maker issued the following statement: “Maker’s business is constantly evolving, and we routinely reassess our internal resources and make strategic adjustments, reducing staff in some areas while actively hiring in others.”

In the meantime, sources says that the decision by the Los Angeles-based firm is an internal one rather than Disney-driven.

Disney purchased Maker Studios in March in a deal that could cost them $900 million, an amount to be determined by the company’s performance.

Maker has already been looking to streamline its web properties into a more vertical-centric structure to make for an easier sell on Madison Avenue. Founded in in 2009, the company claims to have more than 5.5 billion monthly video views and 380 million subscribers across its channels.

While reps wouldn’t confirm numbers, Variety estimates that 10% of Maker Studios’ 380-member workforce will be affected.

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