Epicurious profiles Big Gay Ice Cream at launch

Conde Nast Entertainment is moving ahead with the shows and channels announced at its NewFronts, debuting the Epicurious' first web series.
May 15, 2014

Conde Nast Entertainment launched the Epicurious video channel on Wednesday, as well as the previously announced show called Epicuriousity, a docu-series that features artisanal food and culinary experts.

Sponsored by Gevalia, a Swedish premium coffee and tea company, the first episode of the show profiles Douglas Quint of New York City’s Big Gay Ice Cream truck and storefronts, which sell popular soft-serve flavors like “Salty Pimp” and “Bea Arthur” (pictured in screengrab).

The second episode premiering on May 20 will profile the show’s sponsor.

Epicuriousity will air across all platforms of the CNE digital network, including the official Epicurious site and YouTube channel, as well as through syndicated partnerships.

Next Friday, the Epicurious digital channel will premiere its second series, What’s In Your Bag?, featuring comedian and host Mike Kelton ambushing unsuspecting shoppers on the streets of Brooklyn to find out what’s in their grocery bag and what their purchases say about them.

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