Popsugar tries on scripted entertainment

The women's lifestyle website announced 8 new original programs - including a show with Above Average - and 2 projects with Core Media Group.
May 2, 2014

Women’s lifestyle network Popsugar is launching 8 new original shows to join 11 returning “franchise” series in its 2014 slate, it announced in its NewFronts presentation on Thursday in New York.

The new shows include Popsugar‘s first scripted series, Seriously Distracted, a sitcom set in a PR firm created by the people behind Above Average, the online comedy network from the digital arm of Broadway Video.

Other new series include separate vehicles for Gillian Jacobs of NBC’s Community (Fetch Fashion with Gillian Jacobs) and Katherine Schwarzenegger (What Now? With Katherine Schwarzenegger), two projects with partner Core Media Group (Best Birthday Ever… with The Coop and #FullDisclosure), and a year-long collaboration with Las Vegas “culture-fest” Life is Beautiful exploring the convergence of music, food, art and learning.

Popsugar will also launch a series of long-form (30-60 min.) specials exploring themes important to its core demographic (women aged 18 to 40), such as fitness, fashion and beauty, weddings and home entertaining.

“This year we are venturing into new genres and formats you have not seen from us before, and we are doing it with the caliber of talent we’ve always dreamed of,” said David Grant, president of Popsugar Studios.

Founded by husband and wife Brian and Lisa Sugar in 2006, Popsugar is the fifth-ranked online lifestyle brand, according to comScore, attracting 5.57 million unique video viewers a month.

Returning tentpole series in the verticals of fashion, food, fitness, and entertainment include We Spy Style, Eat the Trend, Get the Bod, and I’m a Huge Fan.

Image: Screengrab of Popsugar’s sizzle reel

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