Conde Nast Entertainment sets The Scene for next phase in digital

The online video hub will host videos from across the CNE network and provide an opportunity to market and cross-promote videos to its audiences, explains Fred Santarpia, CNE's chief digital officer.
April 30, 2014

Condé Nast Entertainment (CNÉ) wants to make it easier for viewers to discover new video content.

Announced Tuesday at a swanky affair on New York’s Park Avenue, where guests were greeted by white-gloved servers, a new video network called The Scene is going to be a home for all the video content CNÉ produces across its channels.

“While we’re successful at distributing our content broadly around the web, we didn’t have a home,” said Fred Santarpia, chief digital officer, CNÉ, in an interview after the presentation. “There was no home where you could easily go from channel to channel, and that was the impetus for us to try and build something new and something different.”

A hub that hosts all CNÉ content, which now includes 14 video channels and 100 new and returning series across the network, will make it easier to cross-promote the different verticals such as Bon Appétit, The New Yorker and Lucky — the three new channels that were announced Tuesday.

“We think it will make discovery a little bit easier. As we market a show on Wired, it might be easier to then introduce the viewer to a show on Vanity Fair,” Santarpia said, explaining that while viewers watch a show on Wired, called Design FX, where one episode goes behind-the-scenes of the Game of Thrones graphics, they might also be interested in watching the celebrity angle of Game of Thrones on the Vanity channel.

Launching this summer, The Scene will also feature content from partners such as ABC News, BuzzFeed, Major League Soccer, Variety, Weather Channel Films and Jash. Santarpia said he is most excited for the exclusive series that will be produced for The Scene, though they have not yet been announced.

Since its 2013 intro, CNÉ’s digital video network has received accolades including a Producers Guild of America Award, the company’s first Emmy nomination and 14 Webby nominations.

“We try to listen to what the audience is looking for,” said Santarpia, about how CNÉ’s video team makes decisions about what to launch and when. “If we get it wrong, we switch it up. When you’re creating a lot of content and you’re releasing it daily, on the web you have the luxury of pulling things out, trying new things. So it’s all based on what we hear from the consumer. But we watch the data after the fact to see what’s working and what’s not,” he told StreamDaily.

Here’s a rundown of new CNÉ series announced at the Digital Content NewFronts:

  • Cassandra To The RescueYouTube sensation Cassandra Bankson helps women tackle their insecurities and skin problems with make-up secrets and lessons in confidence. The show will stream on Allure.
  • Beauty Evolution – Top beauty insiders reveal the best and not-so-best moments of glamorous celebs on their journeys to becoming beauty icons. The show is also new to Allure.
  • I Effed It Up – Bon Appétit‘s senior food editor, Dawn Perry, shares cooking techniques that will keep viewers from messing up their favorite dishes.
  • Cook Like A Pro – The country’s best chefs reveal the secrets to their most famous dishes.
  • Big Fat Weekend – Bon Appétit‘s Andrew Knowlton bursts onto the scene of a new town in each episode and revels in the local food, drink and culinary indulgences.
  • 1 Item 3 Ways – Epicurious viewers will learn how to take the seasonal food item of the moment and reinvent it in three unique and delicious recipes.
  • What’s In Your Bag? – Comedian Mike Kenton plays the most comically intrusive and revealing game with residents of New York City – what’s in their grocery bags. Also on Epicurious.
  • Epicuriousity – This visually lush and compelling docu-series explores the trends and personalities at the forefront of the artisanal food and wine movement in America.
  • 30 Things – From executive producers Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, the show is about what every woman should know and do by the time she’s 30. It will stream on Glamour.
  • Glamour Documentaries – The next installment in the award-winning documentary series Screw You Cancer.
  • Hungover Caddy – An animated series that follows the antics of an unruly caddy at fancy country clubs.
  • 45 Second Man – GQ’s new animated series demonstrates how to do everything in 45 seconds.
  • Most Expensivest Sh*t – A look at the most outrageously decadent toys of the rich and famous – the most expensivest sh*t known to man.
  • Rachel’s Rules – Nutrition expert Rachel Beller dissects the shocking reality behind the foods people think are healthy, and how to truly eat smart. Debuting on SELF.
  • Treat Yourself – This series shows viewers how to enjoy a delicious indulgence without going up a jean size – the ultimate treat for every healthy food lover. Also on SELF.
  • In The Mood For – Fashion blogger Leandra Medine (a.k.a. Man Repeller) demonstrates how to wear the hottest looks of the moment. On Style.com
  • Beauty Icons – Celebrity makeup artist Kayleen McAdams transforms herself from glam squad team member to Hollywood icon, making every glamorous feature accessible and easy to achieve for viewers. On Style.com.
  • Bryanboy Goes To College – On a cross-country college tour, popular fashion blogger Bryanboy meets chic and stylish college students in this series that celebrates street style at the top of its class. Launching on Teen Vogue.
  • Strictly Ballet – A look inside the School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center. Also streaming on Teen Vogue.
  • Get The Look – Teen Vogue‘s Elaine Welteroth gives viewers the scoop on their favorite celebrities’ most iconic make-up moments.
  • @VF Scandal – A documentary series that reveals salacious, scandalous and intriguing tales.
  • Red Carpet Conversations – Irreverent lip reading of celebrities on the red carpet. Also on Vanity Fair.
  • 73 Questions – From director Joe Sabia, this show on Vogue reveals unique interviews that take place inside celebrities homes, where they answer 73 very personal questions on the spot.
  • Born Free – A Vogue documentary series that brings together top fashion designers with iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz as they embark on a quest to minimize the spread of HIV to children from infected mothers.
  • Retro Grade – A gadget lab for antiquated and obsolete technology, this Wired series offers tech demonstrations that viewers won’t believe were once possible.
  • Teen Technorati – Hundreds of thousands of dollars and a Thiel Fellowship await a select few teen inventors who are competing for the chance to develop their inventions. Also airing on Wired.

CNÉ is also renewing about 20 series that were announced earlier this year and in 2013.

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