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Viral Spiral spreads UGC to Dailymotion

The two companies have entered a partnership that gives Viral Spiral's partners greater reach and the opportunity to further monetize their content through Dailymotion's advertising rev-share arrangement.
April 15, 2014

Viral Spiral, a U.K.-based agency that manages user-generated content, is now posting some of its content on its own Dailymotion channel.

The two companies on Monday said that they have signed a partnership, which will give Viral Spiral’s corporate partners greater reach, and content creators the opportunity to further monetize their content through Dailymotion’s advertising revenue sharing arrangement. Viral Spiral’s rev-share agreements with creators vary by user.

Earlier this year, Viral Spiral launched a multi-channel yoga network, however those videos will not be moved to Dailymotion. “The starting point for this partnership is UGC, but both we and Dailymotion intend to grow it quickly, to cover other properties including the Digital Yoga Network,” says Damian Collier, founder and CEO, Viral Spiral.

All of the content will also continue to be seeded on YouTube.

Dailymotion is available around the world in 18 different languages and 35 localized versions featuring local home pages and local content. The French company has recently been entering the original programming game, but channelized third-party content is the main use of the video platform. Last May, Yahoo made a $300-million bid to buy 75% of the company, which would have given it a parallel platform to Google’s YouTube. But the deal was blocked by the French government and the company is still owned by Orange.

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