Ottawa unveils new digital strategy, investment

Canada's industry minister said the Business Development Bank of Canada will invest $500 million in digital initiatives.
April 7, 2014

A patchwork of public subsidies and grants for Canadian digital content makers just got larger.

Copied from Playback - James MooreFederal industry minister James Moore on Friday unveiled Canada’s digital strategy, Digital Canada 150.

The program includes the Business Development Bank of Canada investing $300 million in new digital startups and another $200 million for businesses to take on more digital technology.

“Significant new investments will be made to help small and medium-sized businesses adopt digital technologies and to provide digital companies with access to venture capital,” the federal government said in a news release that accompanied the Digital 150 strategy unveiling.

Moore also promised $305 million to get high-speed internet services into the furthest reaches of rural Canada.

“Canadian households, mostly rural and northern households, will have high-speed internet access for the very first time,” Moore told a press conference in Waterloo, Ontario.

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