Under the Influence of… Carah Amelie

Oregon-based beauty vlogger reaches more than 300,00 people, according to data from Influicity, which follows the trajectory of YouTubers.
April 4, 2014

StreamDaily and Influicity, a Toronto-based marketing company that hooks brands up with YouTube’s rising stars have teamed up once again to celebrate a rising YouTube influencer.

For this edition of the ongoing Under the Influence of… column, we spoke with Oregon-based beauty vlogger Carah Amelie.

Name: Carah Amelie
Category: Fashion & Beauty
Reach: 300,200
Influcity Score: 59*
YouTube: Carahamelie03

Carah first started out on YouTube after moving to a new town and picking up a job as a hairstylist. She found herself on-call, and without much of a clientele. While waiting for new clients, she says she fell in love with the YouTube beauty community and felt that she had a lot to give back.

“Deep down I knew I had a lot of great things to share as a professional and wanted to start making videos,” she says. “I was so technologically challenged I had no clue where to begin.”

Today she’s amassed over 216,000 YouTube subscribers and close to 30 million views. Her tutorials on beauty, fashion and cosmetics regularly pick up over 18,000 views. Last week’s spring fashion haul video (above) received nearly 10,000 views in just a day, and her recent “Closet Tag” video, which answers questions from subscribers about what’s inside her closet, has racked up more than 18,000 views. Her audience, which is mainly women age 18 to 34, touches on mommy-blogger territory.

What brands have you worked with?

Benefit Cosmetics, Sigma Makeup,, Sexy Hair, Neutrogena, Revlon, and (She can’t share campaign results and numbers, but says videos that contain discount codes perform significantly better than those without discount codes, in terms of click and conversion rates.)

What do you look for in brand partners?
I usually try to stay away from smaller companies that just want to send me a product for a video. A lot of times I can tell which companies aren’t really familiar with YouTube and what we can actually offer them. I also don’t like commission type of partnerships. I feel like we aren’t only getting them to go to the site to buy, but we are also advertising for them which I think deserves some payment that isn’t commission.

carah2What have you done to promote yourself?
A great way to grow is to collaborate with other YouTube channels. Whenever I do collabs I tend to gain at least 3,000 subscribers fairly quickly. Even if they don’t always watch or get hooked to my channel, they are still subscribed. Giveaways are another great way to promote yourself, and I love giving back to my subscribers.

Why did you decide to focus on beauty and fashion?

I used to only do beauty videos because that’s what I felt like my speciality was when I first started. But after five years, I feel like I have grown so much as a person and have gained so many different interests, so I decided to bring on some new ideas on content. I also have a channel called Carahslife that is a daily vlog channel about my life. We film our family every day and at the end of each day I take some time to edit it all together and post it at the end of the day.

What makes a great YouTube video?

It’s great to have some knowledge in editing and investing in a decent camera if you are really trying to build a successful channel. As far as length, I think it is important to keep most videos pretty short. People are subscribed to so many people these days and they have a lot more to watch.

Do you have any technical training or education in the beauty industry?

I am fully licensed in cosmetology. I have my Esthetics, Nail, and Hair licence and I worked in a salon for about five years before quitting to be a Mom.

Influicity connects brands with influencers, to showcase their product, tell the brand story, and drive sales. The company’s marketplace enables brands to search, select, and purchase influencers/audiences with scale and simplicity.

*Used when formulating pricing, the Influicity score takes into account YouTube subscribers, average views per video, comments, likes, and the quality of the subscriber accounts. This information is blended with data from and to produce a score between 1 and 100.

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