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Starz Digital unleashes two new comedies on Union Pool

The two new series debuting in April on Starz's YouTube channel are Popcorn Addicts, produced by Reckless Tortuga, and Llama Cop, which stars House Of Lies actor Antonio D. Charity and is produced by Ambitious Media.
March 31, 2014

Most criminals go on the lam, but on YouTube comedy channel Union Pool, they’ll be stymied by a llama.

Starz Digital Media has added comedy series Llama Cop as well as a sketch comedy show called Popcorn Addicts (pictured)  to the Union Pool lineup.

In Llama Cop, produced by Ambitious Media, detective Riggs Bauer (Walter Masterson) teams up with rookie cop Buddy Callahan, who happens to be a live, tie-wearing llama. Co-created by Maximilian Clark and Masterson, and directed by Charlie Zwick, Llama Cop also features House Of Lies actor Antonio D. Charity and Canadian actress Vanessa Lengies (Glee and Mixology) in a story about mismatched cops attempting to bring down the crime syndicate.

From production studio and YouTube channel Reckless Tortuga, Popcorn Addicts parodies current blockbuster films, hit TV shows and fanboy culture. Starring Eric Pumphrey, Tommy Savas (The Last Ship) and Angie Simms (Skin Traffik), upcoming episodes include “Assistants To The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” “The Genie Saga; Rubbing Lamp ( a Twilight parody) and “Inertia from the creators of Gravity.”

Starz Digital Media also announced the continuation of the animated pop culture mash-up series Tvoovies, whose producers were the ones to introduce Llama Cop creators to the network, according to David Katz, VP, digital for Starz Digital Media.

The Union Pool comedy channel, launched in September 2013 as a destination for original comedy programming, launches new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

Llama Cop premieres April 1 and Popcorn Addicts debuts on April 15. Six episodes have been ordered for the first season of both shows.


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