Screw business as usual: Fullscreen to reposition gaming network

The media company "for the connected generation" has acquired video game company ScrewAttack, a move that will lead to big changes for the MCN's gaming vertical and content community.
March 31, 2014

Video game company ScrewAttack has been purchased by Fullscreen for an undisclosed amount and will serve as the “cornerstone” of the MCN’s gaming vertical.

Dallas-based ScrewAttack will provide its new owners with a YouTube subscriber base of more than 850,000; a team of creators with in-house production facilities putting out video game-themed content; as well as a platform for cross-promoting Fullscreen’s 8,000 gaming partners and content producers through its YouTube channel, a website and an annual conference known as the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention.

As a result, Fullscreen is repositioning its entire gaming network under the ScrewAttack brand, with the newly-formed ScrewAttack Network becoming the anchor for the company’s game community that encompasses thousands of channels and delivers more than 750 million monthly views.

It also establishes instant authority for Fullscreen in the video gaming community.

“The only way to get credibility with gamers is by truly understanding the art form of games, which is something that can’t be faked,” said Larry Shapiro, Fullscreen’s head of talent, in a statement. “ScrewAttack isn’t just another gaming site or channel, it’s a group of people who are extremely passionate about the space they’re in and it’s that knowledge and dedication that’s allowed them to build an entirely authentic video game community.”

“We believe ScrewAttack’s unique voice and approach to game news, reviews and pop culture will be a great way to establish a consumer-facing brand for game-centric content.”

The L.A.-based Fullscreen already provides the creation and sharing of video through several channels, including music and comedy, which have a subscriber base of 365 million viewers and three billion monthly views. Creators that FullScreen currently represents include musician Lindsey Stirling and TheFineBros.

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