Under the influence of … makeup guru Elessa Jade

In an ongoing series identifying YouTube's rising stars, Influicity chats with Jade, a.k.a 'PurseBuzz' about current projects and her relationship with fans.
March 19, 2014

StreamDaily asked Influicity, a Toronto-based marketing company that hooks brands up with YouTube’s rising stars, to identify the creators whose trajectory has positioned them as an influencer.

Today’s profile in this ongoing Under the influence of… column features Elessa Jade, a.k.a. PurseBuzz who last week published her 1,000th video and surpassed 300,000 YouTube subscribers, mostly women aged 18 to 24 across North America. The millenary video features a product giveaway from Too Faced Cosmetics.

Name: Elessa Jade a.k.a. ‘PurseBuzz’

Category: Beauty and Style

Reach: 365,925 social networking reach

Influicity Score: 58*

Starting out as a project manager in the video game industry, this makeup artist and educator reaches a large audience of YouTube subscribers with her ‘PurseBuzz’ brand, in which she provides makeup tips and product reviews.

“Health and Beauty was a topic I was passionate about, and I also reviewed products on a blog so it worked out,” Elessa says about her decision to start vlogging back in 2006. We caught up with Elessa to ask about her current projects, her relationship with fans, and how she keeps the momentum going.

Are you working with any brands at the moment?

I am collaborating with a cosmetic line called Violet Voss. We are touring makeup shows where I will be a brand ambassador and I also sell my jewelry line.

elessa_interviewWhat other brands have you worked with in the past?

I have worked with Lancome, L’Oreal, Mark by Avon, Hautelook and Sole Society. One time I did a cell phone video with a bag from Asos and it sold out in minutes.

Why do you think your YouTube channel is popular?

I aim to be helpful and share my tips and tricks with others. I believe my channel is popular because I provide honest reviews and want everyone to be the best version of themselves with my tutorials.

How do you promote it?

I grew my channel by doing collaborations with other channels, providing unique content and DIY’s. I also use social media outlets such as Instagram, Facebook and my blog along with trade shows.

*Used by clients when formulating pricing, the Influicity score takes into account YouTube subscribers, average views per video, comments, likes, and the quality of the subscriber accounts. This information is blended with data from Klout.com and Kred.com to produce a score between 1 and 100.

**Influicity connects brands with influencers, to showcase their product, tell the brand story, and drive sales. The company’s marketplace enables brands to search, select, and purchase influencers/audiences with scale and simplicity.


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