Collective Digital Studio developing new shows with RocketJump’s Freddie Wong

The network is in conversation with brands to partner as sponsors for two new series, Dimension 404 and DevSide, CRO Alex Angeledes tells StreamDaily.
February 19, 2014

In a presentation at Digital Entertainment World conference on Tuesday in L.A., Collective Digital Studio chief revenue officer Alex Angeledes revealed that the 592-channel online-video network has two new series in the works from Video Game High School creator Freddie Wong’s RocketJump Studios, titled Dimension 404 and DevSide.

In a conversation with StreamDaily following his presentation, Angeledes cautioned he was not making an official announcement about the shows being green-lit, and that they are still in the development stages. But Collective is actively seeking brand partners to “power the next RocketJump” hit, he says.

“We’re having conversations with a lot of agencies and a lot of brands to see what the right fit might be,” adds Angeledes.

Angeledes describes Dimension 404 as “American Horror Story-meets-Twilight Zone” and DevSide as “a workplace sitcom” about a family of developers.

Last season, Video Game High School featured a prominent product integration deal with Dodge Dart. No brand deals have been announced for season three of the series, which is set to begin next month, but Angeledes notes that several are in the works.

Wong (pictured) and VGHS co-creator Matthew Arnold  have been campaigning to raise $750,000 through crowdfunding for season three. To date they’ve raised more than half a million dollars, and Wong has pledged that production will go ahead as scheduled whether or not the reach their goal by the close of the campaign on Feb. 22.

Photo a VGHS still, courtesy of CDS press kit

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