Brands see ‘small, one-off opportunities’ in digital content: Maxus CSO

As Group M-owned Maxus expands its content play with a recent hire, Mark Egan, CSO for the agency in North America, talks about demystifying the space for clients.
February 12, 2014

GroupM-owned Maxus is expanding its content play, hiring the agency’s first content director for North America, naming Lori Greene to the role.

Mark Egan, chief strategy officer at Maxus North America, says the time to put someone into that role at the agency has been “right for awhile,” as branded content begins to play a bigger and bigger role in clients’ advertising strategies today.

But when it comes to digital, “most of what clients see is in fragments; small, one-off opportunities,” Egan tells StreamDaily‘s sister publication Media in Canada.

“There is a big opportunity to have content-led ideas that span across different organizational values,” he says. “I think what brands are perhaps not seeing is the larger role for content.”

“As we bring more analytics to content and help demystify the role that it plays in any consumer journey, that will go a long way in helping clients to understand the role it can play,” adds Egan.

He says there are plans to continue to grow the agency’s content team in North America while avoiding the duplication of roles already filled by other GroupM resources, like its GroupM Entertainment division.

“Consumers find themselves getting information in more organic and natural ways, coming from contextual places they find and also rooted in where they are going every day,” he says. “So content either directly or indirectly plays a massive role in how consumers are more and more becoming connected with brands.”


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