Canada Media Fund invests $6.5 million in 27 digital projects

The industry fund handed out $1.6 million in marketing support, and another $4.9 million in development support to 19 companies countrywide.
February 5, 2014

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) has invested a combined $6.5 million in 27 digital media projects.

The fund’s experimental stream gave eight interactive products in all $1.6 million in marketing support, including the crime-solving online game Le Judas (pictured) for Radio-Canada.ca, and Papercade, from Montreal-based producer Hololabs.

The industry fund also gave another $4.9 million in development support to 19 companies countrywide for 10 games, eight interactive content platforms, and one social media platform headed to possible production and a market launch.

Projects backed by the CMF include Alphabots from Copernicus Studios, IoTheatre from SAGAFILM Productions Inc. and Guru Animation Studio’s Stacks.

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