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Female football league inks deal with Base79

Video featuring the racy athleticism of Legends Football League will now be managed by YouTube's largest partner multichannel network outside of North America.
January 23, 2014

There’s good news for fans of girl-on-girl gridiron action. The Legends Football League (LFL) has entered into a multi-year deal with Base79, YouTube’s largest partner outside of North America, to take over operation of LFL’s official YouTube channel, with the goal of increasing its global reach while protecting its intellectual property against piracy.

“The league’s challenge has been to structure and manage its YouTube channel in a way to attract more subscribers and advertisers while also protecting against piracy,” said Base79 executive Ben Lister in a statement.

The Base79 partnership is an effort by LFL to create a more sophisticated on-demand strategy for its content, which includes short-form videos such as The Story series, a behind-the-scenes look of weekly LFL match-ups, reality programming and full-length games in territories where it’s not prohibited by existing broadcaster agreements.

Founded as the Lingerie Football League in 2009, LFL is a women’s 7-on-7 tackle American-football league headquartered in Las Vegas with 14 teams in the U.S. and four each in Canada and Australia that compete for separate titles in their respective countries. The players wear revealing two-piece bikini uniforms with minimal protective gear (hockey-style helmets and shoulder, knee and elbow pads), and franchises boast suggestive names such as San Diego Seduction and the Los Angeles Temptation.

London-based multichannel network Base79 has deals with more than 850 content partners including BBC Worldwide, IMG Media, The Football Association, as well as a number of leading YouTube content creators such as France’s Remi Gaillard, known for his outrageous stunts, and Jamal Edwards, who founded the U.K. youth broadcasting channel SBTV.

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