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Mobile video contest in China takes in record $16.5M plus

The 2013 edition of an annual mobile video contest in China set new records.
January 21, 2014

How big is mobile video behind the Great Wall?

Very, and well on its way to huge. The 2013 edition of an annual mobile video contest organized by China Mobile Ltd., generally regarded as the world’s biggest mobile phone company, and Youku Tudou Inc., generally regarded as China’s biggest web portal, set new records in 2013 with 110 million yuan in mobile box-office sales.

Here’s how that revenue was generated, according to a Youku Tudou statement: Viewers paid two yuan (approximately 33 cents) to watch contest entries, “with the video creator earning up to 20 percent of revenues generated from the sale.”

One 2013 contest submission took in more than five million yuan from mobile video-on-demand sales, according to a Youku Tudou statement.

(The 110 million yuan sales total translates into approximately $16,514,700, while 5 million yuan equals approximately $825,735, at the current exchange rate.)

Daily video views of content posted to Youku Tudou from mobile devices has surpassed 300 million, up from 100 million at the beginning of 2013, according to the web portal.

In addition to revenue-sharing, Youku Tudou says it also offered “dedicated channels,” “marketing resources” and “collaborations” with its in-house production teams to contest entrants.  The portal also says it’s created a number of mobile apps to “capitalize on China’s smartphone craze.”

The 2013 contest, which ended in mid-December, received more than 70,000 video submissions, “ranging from short films to animations”; that’s up from just 10,000 submissions in 2010, the year the contest launched, according to the Web portal.

The most-viewed video’s director, Jiao Shou, also produced a web serial on Youku called Surprise, which has received more than 413 million views in six months.

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