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Fandor movie site to launch Canadian subcription VOD service

Targeting what it says is an underserved market, the U.S. film streaming service will offer Canadians indie, classic and foreign language titles.
September 9, 2013

Fandor knows most Canadians don’t get out to the Toronto International Film Festival.

So the U.S. streaming-movie site is launching in Canada a curated offering of 2,200 indie, classic and foreign-language titles.

The subscription VOD offering will cost $10 a month or $90 a year.

Fandor founder and CEO Dan Aronson told Playback launching in Canada aims to bring non-mainstream movies to a broader audience than Netflix Canada and traditional TV networks.

“The Canadian audience is an underserved market when it comes to access to on-demand services, yet over half the country’s internet users watch movies online,” he said.

Fandor Canada isn’t yet indicating which Canadian distributors will supply titles to the Canadian website.

The U.S. movie streaming service is also looking to specialty distributors like Vanguard Cinema (L.A.), Zeitgeist (New York) and Kino Lorber (New York) that hold the North American rights to titles.

Fandor Canada is also betting Canadians will embrace its curated offering of titles, which includes a recommendation engine, film filtering by cast, crew and film festivals, including Toronto, and access to a Keyframe digital magazine with news and expert contributors.

After all, indie titles don’t have the wall of publicity behind their launch that Hollywood studio titles have, and so can get lost in VOD offerings.

“If you’re bringing movies to people that don’t have mass marketing behind them, you want to ensure they’re not looking through too much stuff,” Aronson said.

Fandor Canada will also feature the revenue model of the U.S. site, which allocates 50% of subscription fees to support indie filmmakers.

Aronson said that distribution model helps build a market for indie filmmakers, in addition to an VOD audience.

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