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Ameba TV launches on Microsoft Xbox 360

The Winnipeg-based children's streaming provider is making its official launch on Microsoft's Xbox 360 entertainment system.
August 20, 2013

Canadian children’s streaming provider Ameba TV is making its official launch on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 entertainment system.

The platform expansion will serve to extend Ameba’s reach to millions of internet-connected consumer electronics devices in the U.S. and Canada, bolstering its current availability on about five million Smart TVs and set top boxes in the U.S.

The Ameba Xbox app taps into the motion- and voice-controlled Kinect and the second-screen Xbox SmartGlass app. It will feature music and programming geared at children ages two to 12. Each child will be assigned a profile, which will become more and more customized each time he or she uses the service.

The Ameba digital TV service features new shows and music programs that are continuously uploaded from global indie content creators. Ameba is already available via the web, Google TV, Roku, LG Smart TV, LG 3D Blu-ray player and LG Smart TV Upgrader.

Xbox 360 has continued to roll out a growing selection of content partners for its Xbox Live experience, including Canadian partners like the CBC, Rogers on Demand, Telus and Disney XD.

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